How Much is Too Much? Here's What Your Community Said

Written on 04/09/2021

Earlier this week, we asked community members to partake in a quick survey to test their Alcohol IQ. Keep reading for the survey results – some are surprising!

  • 55% of survey-takers thought a pregnant individual could consume alcohol in small amounts. According to the CDC, even small amounts of alcohol can put a developing baby at risk.
  • 27% of survey-takers thought nicotine was the drug adolescents used commonly. Research suggests that alcohol is typically reached towards most among the younger crowds.

While most respondents got most questions right, everyone missed one of the questions. For a typical adult, binge-drinking is considered five or more drinks for males and four or more drinks for females within a two-hour period.

Thanks to everyone who took time to take the survey and test your Alcohol IQ. We can all educate ourselves further by visiting

For the full list of questions or to retake it, please click here.