Oatmeal Deserves a Second Look!

Written on 02/02/2023

Oatmeal is that boring guy at a party. He’s the one sitting in the corner and only talking about things like folding laundry or cryptocurrency. 

Oatmeal gets little credit. It’s a drab and boring breakfast food. The name sounds boring. “Oatmeal.” It looks boring. It tastes boring. It smells boring. But it’s time to take a second look at oatmeal. Because oatmeal’s health benefits are enormous. Oatmeal can lower your cholesterol and decrease your risk for heart disease. As part of February’s heart health month, take the 28-Day Oatmeal Challenge.


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28 day challenge - https://nativereach.com/28-day-oatmeal-challenge/

Oatmeal Benefits Article -  https://nativereach.com/oatmeal-oh-yeah/