Get your Lab Results Faster

KAT Marketing

MyQuest is available through Apple store and Google Play store and also available on your computer by clicking here.

Follow this process to receive access:

  • Install MyQuest application from cell phone app store (Apple or Google play)
  • Once installed, go to “Create an account”
  • User will choose a familiar username and password
  • User will complete steps 1-3 of the sign up process:
    • Step 1: Enter name, birthday and gender
    • Step 2: Enter phone number, email and address
    • Step 3: Review the information and press “Create Account”
  • Complete two-set process to verify identity:
    • Check your email to activate MyQuest Account access
    • Verify your identity to access your results

Once you’ve activated your account, please sign-in to MyQuest to verify your identity and authorize delivery of your results.

When a result is released into MyQuest it will alert the user if notification settings are on. It will also send an email. User will then need to sign in to MyQuest to access results. 

Note: Past results will not appear in patient portal, only results from after portal access was created.