Dangers in Cyber Stalking and GPS Tracking

Matt Pate

In today’s digital world, cyber stalking and GPS tracking are real threats that can affect your safety. As technology advances, so do the methods used to commit invasions of privacy. Apple AirTag is a great example of how useful technology can be used negatively (like to track people without their knowledge). Let's look at why it is important to be aware of these dangers.
Cyber Stalking and GPS Tracking
Cyber stalking and GPS tracking are both forms of invasion of privacy, but they come with different levels of risk and consequences. Cyber stalking refers to using online methods like social media and email to stalk someone without their knowledge or consent. GPS tracking involves the use of satellite-based positioning systems to track someone’s movement without their permission or knowledge. It is important to note that while these two activities may seem similar in nature, they come with completely different levels of risk.
What is Cyber Stalking
What is GPS Tracking
Cyber stalking is defined as the use of electronic communication to harass or threaten someone, usually someone you know or have had contact with in the past. Cyber stalkers are typically motivated by revenge, jealousy, or anger, but their actions can be just as damaging as physical stalking. It's important to be aware of potential cyber stalkers so that you can take steps to protect yourself from their unwanted advances.
​GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is a satellite-based system that uses signals from satellites to locate objects on Earth. Over the years, GPS has been used for many different things including navigation, military operations and even tracking vehicles or people. With today's technology, anyone can purchase a device such as an Apple AirTag that allows them to track your whereabouts without your knowledge. This is why it's essential to be aware of who might be using GPS tracking against you and how they might be doing so without your permission.
How Can You Stay Safe?
The best way to stay safe from cyber stalking and GPS tracking is by being aware of the potential risks associated with them. You should always be mindful when sharing personal information online, especially if it could potentially reveal your location or other sensitive data about yourself. Additionally, make sure that you have strong passwords in place for all accounts and devices connected to the internet – even those connected via Bluetooth. Finally, never give out your home address or other private information unless absolutely necessary.
As technology becomes increasingly available, it is important to stay vigilant for small and concealable items that have GPS capabilities. Apple AirTags are a new battery-powered tracking device that can be attached or stored with items you frequently lose. Although this is a convenient way to track down your lost items, it comes with safety concerns too.
Luckily, Apple has implemented a safety alert system to notify non-owners when an AirTag is following them. "AirTag Found Moving With You" will appear on the person's iPhone if it detects an unknown AirTag near it. Although designed around the iPhone, newer Android phones can notify users as well by displaying an "Unknown AirTag" notification.
Cyber stalking and GPS tracking are serious threats in our digitally connected world; however, understanding how these technologies work can help you protect yourself from becoming a victim. By being mindful of what information you share online and taking measures such as setting strong passwords on all devices connected to the internet, you can increase your chances of staying safe from these invasions of privacy. Remember - if something seems too good to be true (like an offer for free AirTags), it probably is! Don’t trust any offers that require you to enter personal information before receiving anything in return – this could be a sign that someone has foul intentions behind it. Be smart about security measures – your safety depends on it!
By understanding the risks associated with cyber stalking and GPS tracking, you can better protect yourself from unwanted surveillance. Remember to always stay alert while out in public places and never hesitate to contact authorities if you feel like someone may be following or tracking you without your permission. Taking these measures will help ensure that you remain safe from potential threats both online and offline.