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Matt Pate

If you have questions about which documents your chart update needs please speak with someone in Patient Registration by calling 918-588-1900.

CDIB or Tribal Card: This must be from a federally recognized tribe.

Social Security Card: This helps us to identify you as a patient.

Photo ID: A valid driver’s license, passport or government ID must be on file for all patients. For minors, we require a photo ID of a parent or legal guardian.

Certified Birth Certificate: All patients under 18 years of age must have a birth certificate on file. Appointed guardians must have court documentation for minor children. We will accept hospital discharge records and footprints for children under the age of one. A birth certificate must be provided by the time the child turns one.

Consent to Treat Minor: All patients under 18 must have this form on file for an adult other than the parent or legal guardian to bring them for treatment.

Insurance Card:  We will need a copy of your private insurance card, Medicare card or SoonerCare member ID number at the front desk.

Paperwork: Be prepared to fill out paperwork at your first appointment of the year. For minors, if someone other than a parent or legal guardian is bringing the minor child, please make sure the appropriate paperwork is on file before sending someone else to an appointment with your child.

Medicaid Application: Be prepared to apply for Medicaid if you do not have private insurance or Medicare. IHS is the payer of last resort, and this will be required for Purchased Referred Care referrals.

The name on your CDIB/tribal membership card and photo ID must match. Legal documentation will be required.