Important COVID-19 Update

John Young

We have unfortunately been watching the increase in COVID-19 infections in our community and our state. Our responsibility is to protect the health of our patients and our staff. Therefore, we have made the decision to postpone or cancel all non-clinical activities at this time. This decision was not made lightly. We do not like returning to 2020 any more than you do. But your health and your lives are most important. We will continue to be open for your healthcare, behavioral health, dental, optometry, and pharmacy appointments and needs.  

We strongly encourage you to make an appointment to get vaccinated if you have not been. Our hospitals are full of unvaccinated people struggling to stay alive. (More people are currently hospitalized than a year ago when all this started.) In fact, 99% of people facing severe illness from the Delta Variant are unvaccinated. The CDC says the Delta variant is as infectious as chickenpox, a virus that was much more common before a vaccine was approved in the United States in 1995. That means Delta can spread to more people in a shorter time period, creating pockets of transmissions mostly among the unvaccinated. Research also shows the Delta variant is much more infectious. Someone with the first detected coronavirus variant could infect two other people. With the Delta, the estimate is closer to five or more. And those carrying the Delta virus have a higher viral load, meaning they’re carrying more of the virus that could spread to others.

Are vaccinated people testing positive – yes. However, a new report shows that since July 26, there have been only 6,587 reports of breakthrough infections that resulted in hospitalization or death among 163 million fully vaccinated people — a percentage of 0.01 percent or less.

Vaccinations are free. You can schedule a time by calling 918-382-2264. All it takes is 30 minutes of your time to save your life and the life of those you love.